Thursday, August 02, 2007

Oregon Congresman Peter DeFazio says bridge collapse is Bush's fault.

It didn't even take twenty-four hours and there are still dead bodies in the water, and our wonderful Representative is already blaming The President and the Republicans,

It's pretty far into the article. Read it here.

.... At a news conference later, Oberstar and Rep. Peter DeFazio, an Oregon Democrat who chairs the committee's subcommittee on highways and transit, criticized the Bush administration for what they said was inadequate spending on transportation funding.

"Unfortunately, we're saddled with an administration that shorted us on the last highway bill," DeFazio said, adding that more money is needed to deal with things like bridge deficiencies.

Oberstar noted that in 2003, the committee had proposed a six-year, $375 billion transportation bill, but had to settle for about $90 billion less because of opposition from the Bush administration. Oberstar was ranking Democrat on the panel at the time, and Alaska Republican Don Young was chairman.

"This administration failed to support robust investment in surface transportation and the funding to accompany it," Oberstar said.

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