Thursday, February 08, 2007

This Anna Nicole Smith story doesn't pass the smell test

Let's see. Former Stripper and Playboy bunny (age 26) marries an 89 year old oil tycoon. Old Man dies. Tawdry trial. Old man's son loses $474 million to Playboy bunny step-mom (who is younger than he is). Her 21 year old son dies of a drug overdose. Fatherhood of her 5 month old daughter (now sole heiress to $474 million) is being claimed by two men, with a paternity suit under way. Playboy bunny dies a death oddly similar to her son's in an American hotel room, while 5 month old daughter is at home in the Bahamas with her presumed father.

Does this smell right? Sounds like the beginning of a mystery murder story to me. It's also likely to be a very long drawn out story that we are only just beginning to hear about. Tragedy TV has it's OJ story of 2007.

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