Friday, February 16, 2007

These 17 Republicans must be defeated.

A post over The Victory Caucus titled House Passes Defeatist Resolution: 17 Republicans Join the White Flag Caucus gives all of the contact info for the seventeen republicans that jumped ship.

Give 'em hell!

Everyone who believes that we need to win the war needs to register here and get involved.

N.Z has a good post titled The Vote is Over. Where Do We Go From Here? He lays out a plan that we need to follow in the coming elections.
This will be a long and serious effort, but it starts now. We have established a team within the site that will focus on identifying strong candidates -- veterans, ideally --- as well as teams devoted to identifying White Flag Republicans and their antimatter opposites, the Blue Dog Democrats. These three groups will be at the forefront of our efforts to identify the districts where we can do the most good: whether that is to replace a defeatist Democrat with a new Republican victory candidate --- or to help a Blue Dog Democrat who is strong on the war take down a White Flag Republican. Here, party comes second: victory --- and country --- come first.

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