Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Really - Shame, shame on you Senator Smith

From the Register Guard:
PORTLAND - U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., said Tuesday that he'll co-sponsor a resolution offered by Sen. John Warner, R-Va., opposing President Bush's plan to send 21,500 more U.S. soldiers into Iraq.

Smith, an early and hawkish supporter of the Iraq war, said ``this war has devolved far beyond what we authorized,'' placing U.S. troops in the middle of a sectarian war
between Shiites and Sunnis.

``I do believe the American people recognize that the strategy employed over the last three years has changed in a way that they find unacceptable ... because it is not succeeding,'' Smith said.
Senator, regardless of how you feel about how the war has gone thus far, why we're here, or even how we got there, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! The President recognizes that it has not gone well, and is trying a different approach. You voted to confirm one of the architects of this new plan, General Petraeus this week after his testimony. Why now give his plan a no-confidence vote instead of waiting to see if some progress can be made. If you really feel that strongly about the plan, then why did you confirm the General?

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