Friday, November 03, 2006

Shame on the owner of the Columbia Village Apartments in Fairview

So I'm watching KOIN 6 news tonight and for the second day in a row they are running a story about the Columbia Village Apartments in Fairview, owned by Brett Lawrance. The roof callapsed and has six low income families living literally with no roof. Water is pooring in through light fixtures (still turned on), standing water on the floors, couches and beds soaking wet. They showed a toddler splashing in the water on the carpet.

Now being involved in construction I fully understand weather related catastrophies, maybe not the roofer's (it looks like there is no framing to put a roof on), but the report says that the owner has not responded to phone calls from the tenants or the news crews. For two days - nothing.

Sunday is the 5th, most landlords consider the rent late by then, I bet he'll swing by wondering were the money is.

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