Saturday, July 15, 2006

Is the supreme Court now conservative or liberal?

Georgetown University Supreme Court Institute has an exhaustive summary (pdf) of the latest term of The Supreme Court of the United States.

There are two indicators that I looked at in the summary to see which way the court leaned.
1) If one assumes that Chief Justice Roberts is a tad more conservative than Chief justice Renquist was, then you could argue that the court slid slightly to the right. Roberts voted in the majority 92.4% of the time in the 2005 term in crontrast to Renquist being in the majority only 78.3% in the 2004 term.
2) Justice Kennedy - the new swing vote, and arguably more reliably conservative than O'Connor - voted in the majority 88.4% time in 2005 compared to 85% in 2004. Definitely a good indication.
I highly recomend that everyone download this document. It has break downs by case, and many many other bits of valuable information.

I found this info via SCOTUSblog.

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