Saturday, June 03, 2006

Oregon Conservatives Shoot Themselves in The Foot Again.

This is probably not good for Saxton. The Constitution Party Of Oregon has probably nominated Mary Starret Today. Dead fish Rapper Story here. Victoria Taft blogged it here.

I am getting so tired of conservatives in this state wanting all or nothing. "If the party nominee doesn't agree with my ONLY issue, then I'll take my ball and go home". Let's get a Republican Governor elected, no matter how moderate, get some control over state agencies and spending, and go from there. Mary Starret, if elected, could not do a darned thing about abortion that Ron Saxton hasn't already said that he would do.

I want abortion abolished too, but if Roe v. Wade was overturned tomorrow, it would still be legal in Oregon, as it was before the ruling. The next step would be to put a measure on the ballot (you know that the RHINO's in Salem won't touch it). How do you think that will go over.

We can win this election, and eventually this issue, if we stop being so selfish and think about ALL that is at stake.

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