Saturday, November 05, 2005

Portland's Crime Policies Seem a Little skitzophrinic

First this:
Alliance Gives $50,000 To Anticrime Effort

"The Portland Business Alliance will donate $50,000 to the city's plan to get repeat criminals off downtown streets and into housing.

The donation is meant to help Mayor Tom Potter's efforts to cut crime and the perception of crime in the city's center. Potter announced the plan in October to positive reviews from business leaders concerned about aggressive panhandlers and drug dealers on downtown streets."

Then this:
Potter Asks For Higher Bar for Zones of Exclusion

"Mayor Tom Potter wants to set a higher standard of proof for excluding people from Portland's drug-free and prostitution-free zones by requiring a criminal charge be brought before police can bar someone from a part of the city.

However, county prosecutors say such changes will weaken the controversial ordinance, result in fewer exclusions and embolden drug sellers on Portland's streets."

Both in the Oregonian, on the same day, doesn't anybody at City Hall see the Irony?

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