Sunday, November 06, 2005

And she's not afraid of Mannix

This report has more details.
"....Saying she wants to break up the "good old boys" cronyism of state politics, state Sen. Vicki Walker of Eugene announced Monday she'll challenge Gov. Ted Kulongonski in the Democratic primary next year."

...."We must have the courage to say a casino on every street corner is not the way to fund education, public safety or health care. ... I don't want Oregon to be Las Vegas," Walker said.

"....Walker scoffed at critics who assailed her for challenging Kulongoski and potentially aiding the GOP."

"I don't worry at all about that," she said. "I'm not at all afraid of Kevin Mannix."

Ya know, I somehow don't think that Saxton and Atkinson are afraid Kevin Mannix either. However, they probably should be more concerned with Vicki Walker than Teddy K.

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