Monday, August 01, 2005

The Evil Empire

While reading the sources on the previous post, I was at MyWhimIsLaw. She has a link that is quite humorous. Go see it and make sure you read the actual URL.

About the Changes at the Potland Tribune.

Betsy has this post at MetroBlogging.

Then there's this post at Portland Communique

I'm not sure what the changes at the Trib mean, and I doubt that the future is that bleak for the paper, but I'm sure that the paper's spin on things might not tell the entire truth. I hope all is well though, because I like the paper and I think that the Big O need the competition.

More on Cell Phone Tax

I quoted a poll taken by My Wireless saying "that nearly two-thirds of Portlanders would oppose taxes on cell phone-related services." This garnered a comment from The One True b!X of the
Portland communique criticizing the fact that My Wireless is a front organization for wireless phone companies.

Who cares who took the poll. Yes it would be better if My Wireless disclosed who they are, but I have yet to see a valid argument that the results were skued. They have nothing to lose from the tax, do you think that a substantial number of people will actually give up their cell phones because of the tax? Maybe (and I know this is hard believe) they are actually concerned about the adverse effects this will have on their customers.