Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Oregon Lawmakers reach budget accord

State K-12 school funding was $4.9 billion in the 2003-05 budget period, but Larry Wolf, president of the Oregon Education Association, the state’s biggest teacher’s union, said the 2006-07 $5.24 billion school fund figure is inadequate and will cause bigger class sizes. “It’s a cuts budget,” he said.

Don't worry, House Speaker Karen
Minnis said she was pleased that the budget was crafted with no tax increases. “It’s a responsible budget,” she said.

So, How is this responsible?
"The budget agreement also pushes back the opening of a $191 million, 2,104 bed prison in Madras, Oregon, for nine months until September 2007."

I excerpted this from the Roseburg News-Review and The Washington Post
The Oregonian has an Article about it Here

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