Sunday, March 06, 2005

Public school teacher tells a student "the only way he could be fired would be if he raped her"

I found this story at RoguePundit. The editorial entitled "Something's Wrong When Public Can't Fire Anyone" is from the Tuesday Grants Pass Daily Courier. Excerpt below.
"The Grants Pass School Board fired Wilson in June for threatening students and using foul language. One of his most outrageous statements was telling a female student the only way he could be fired would be if he raped her. The state Department of Education's Fair Dismissal Appeals Board didn't go that far, but did order District 7 to rehire Wilson."
I can't believe this! When are the citizens going to wake up and demand the same rules and treatment of public employees that we live by in the real world? One of these days a school district is going to have to stand up to the teacher's union and force them out on strike, and then either break the union, or force them to come back to reality.

Read the post at RoguePudit.

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