Sunday, March 13, 2005

AuCoin withdraws nomination from forestry board

Check it out. The Republicans stood up to the Governor. You can't put a totally anti-logging, anviromentalist liberal on the forestry board.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Same ole Republican mediocraty from the Dorchester Conference

OK. I've been thinking about this all day. I have a builder that sold a house this week, and of course there are a ton of things that he's been putting off for months that now need to be done YESTERDAY! I had to work this morning instead of going to church. This gave me a chance to listen to all of the local political talk shows that are on KXL 750AM that I rarely get a chance to hear.

This morning all of the conservatives at the Dorchester conference were all gaga (and rightfully so) over the should be governor of Washington State Dino Rossi's speech about how he got approximately 179,000 democrats that voted for Sen. Kerry to vote for him. They quoted him as saying "be likeable, go to the voters that would normally vote democratic and make it harder to dehuminize you, and reach out to the various organizations that usually campaign for the dems.

Now, this is all well and good, but what they are leaving out is that Dino is young, very dynamic, naturally likeable, and a true conservative. Our likely candidates are not real dynamic, and for the most part, not real conservatives. The few true conservatives that we have, have a tendency to shoot themselves in the foot by talking about topics like abortion, logging, PERS, and gun rights, all of which are lead weights around Oregon Republican's neck.

While the Republicans are busy caving to the liberals on issues that actually effect Oregonians right now, and turning off moderates with the traditional right wing issues, the electorate are out busy passing initiative after initiative that the Republicans in the house and senate should be doing.

The voters have passed: property tax reform, ban on gay marriage, property rights reform, mandatory sentencing, and the list goes on and on. All without much help from their legislators.

Now, I just spent a year and a half in Texas, and I have said this before, but Democrats in Texas are more conservative than Republicans in Oregon. I understand that the political climate here is completely deferent, and many conservative ideals just won't fly here. So, why can't we run on the things that the electorate has demonstrated that they will vote for. We repeatedly turn down ballot measures that involve more taxes, so run on a no tax, or lower tax platform. We keep voting for property rights measures, so run on a property rights platform. Voters consistently turn down all kinds of government spending measures (like light rail) , so put that in the platform.

We need to stop taking the bait to talk about traditionally ""hot button issues," and steer the conversation to the issues that really matter. For example, when a democratic candidate or voter brings up abortion, the answer should be "Roe V Wade is the law of the land, and there is nothing that the governor of one state can do to change that." Then steer the topic to something that Oregonians need right now. When the occasional follow up question or accusation comes like "well, would you pass laws that would limit abortion rights in any way, like parent notification?" I would respond by explaining parent notification is not really about abortion, but parents rights and responsibility. By law, no one is allowed to take my fifteen year old daughter to a doctor for anything less than life saving measures without my written consent. Why should an invasive, traumatic procedure, with high rates of complication, be any different.

Another thing that needs to be done, is that at every town hall, every living room meeting, every speech, EVERY campaign stop, ALL of the republicans need to play audio and video of the crazy stupid things that the governor, Secretary of State, and all of the other key Democrats have said. Like "the wording of measure 37 doesn't do what the law was intended to do."

Basically, we've been given all of the information that we need to win a state wide election, we just need to use it. Kevin Mannix only lost by about 10,000 votes. With "Sleepy Ted's" dismal record, the state's economy not really in any better shape, and some careful targeting of issues, we can find a candidate to beet him. I'm afraid that Kevin Mannix is not that person. I like him, but he's not "likeable" enough for the majority of the mainstream. Jeff Kropf anyone?

Update: FEC & political blogging

Instapundit is blogging about the FEC crackdown on political blogging.. He provides much more detail and research than I could possibly do.

Public school teacher tells a student "the only way he could be fired would be if he raped her"

I found this story at RoguePundit. The editorial entitled "Something's Wrong When Public Can't Fire Anyone" is from the Tuesday Grants Pass Daily Courier. Excerpt below.
"The Grants Pass School Board fired Wilson in June for threatening students and using foul language. One of his most outrageous statements was telling a female student the only way he could be fired would be if he raped her. The state Department of Education's Fair Dismissal Appeals Board didn't go that far, but did order District 7 to rehire Wilson."
I can't believe this! When are the citizens going to wake up and demand the same rules and treatment of public employees that we live by in the real world? One of these days a school district is going to have to stand up to the teacher's union and force them out on strike, and then either break the union, or force them to come back to reality.

Read the post at RoguePudit.

Friday, March 04, 2005

"It happened on George W. Bush's watch"

Great post on GOP Bloggers. I found it via a great blog named Momento Moron. Yet another blog with a template like mine.

Ron Wyden in national magazine supporting a tax break

Stupid idea, but at least we know that there is a tax break that Wyden would support.

Fire-safe cigarette bills discussed in Salem

GET OFF OF SMOKERS BACK! They can't smoke anywhere that could burn down anyways. We've taxed 'em, taxed 'em again, and again. They can't smoke in any building that isn't a bar or private residence, and now they are trying to do something that will make cigs more expensive. GIVE ME A BREAK!

Great Idea already destroyed by counsel

The Oregonian had an article called Rule on Lobbyists is a Work in Progress. It describes councilman Sam Adams' proposal to require lobbyists to register. It started nice, but all of the proposed changes basically turn it into a big, do nothing ordinance, like most things the Portland City Counsel does.

Thought.... err..... I mean hate, crimes going to the next leval

When hate crime legislation first came into the forefront of public debate, many conservatives said that not only is punishing people for thier thoughts or beliefs wrong, but the law would eventually be used to control extreme groups and thier activities, even if they are not advocating violence. And who would decide what would be allowed. Well, here is the next step. I found this at NWRepublican. Nice blog, adding it to my links, even if they did use the same template as mine. Read this post.

The coming crackdown on blogging

Very Interesting. An FEC commissioner Bradley Smith says that the freewheeling days of political blogging and online punditry are over.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

If you think that blogs aren't changing the media.....

Read this, and this.
And by the way, should a former Grand Wizard of the KKK be comparing anybody to Nazis?

The Coming Judicial Nominee Showdown

Hugh Hewitt has an excellent essay today about the Democrat's obvious intent on keeping up their obstructionist ways, and how it can only end badly for them.

This is my humble observation about this-
The Dems have "misunderestimated" the President ever since he announced for the race in 1998. They are threatening a government shutdown if the Republicans change the Senate rule on filibusters. George Bush has already exorcised his right to use recess appointments (albeit on a small scale.) I believe that if the Republicans don't stand up and show some leadership, GW will seet ALL of his nominees while the Senate is in recess. Then the Democrats will be forced to revisit every single one of them for a vote. If that doesn't shut business in Washington, then I don't know what will.

Rush Limbaugh (and he says he's always right) has been saying for weeks is that the Republicans don't even have to change the rule, just force the Dems to actually stage a real filibuster, were they can't leave the floor, let alone leave town on recess. 200 nominees... that would be alot of speeches on the floor, and after a while the public would begain to see the insanity of the situation.