Monday, November 15, 2004

What Took Them So Long?

"The browser market lives. the Mozilla Foundation's stand-alone browser, Firefox, now comprises 3 percent of the market. That number compares with Internet Explorer's 92.9 percent, the remainder being consumed by several smaller players."
I've been using Firefox for months now. I got so tired of viruses, trojans & the like, I switched to Mozilla a year and a half ago and then later it's little brother Firefox. Bloggers should try it out simply because of it's "tabed browsing" feature.

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Fenton the Beaver said...

I'm not exactly certain why anyone, after discovering Firefox, would use Internet Explorer. It's not even that Firefox is an amazing product (though with the right extensions it can be) it's that IE is an abysmal one.

I was an opera user for quite some time but even it got to be to much. Firefox is perfect and personalized.