Saturday, November 13, 2004

Simple Sounds Good

I just discovered Jared Jones' weblog Simple Subjects. I've become more & more intrigued with the idea of simplifying my life. With two crosscountry moves in less than two years, we have pretty much paired our lives and possesions down to nothing. We will be in a place of our own again soon, and will begin the process of replacing most of the things that we got rid of. Sounds like a good time to start reconsidering our lifestyle.

Now, I'm not a hippie, treehugger, radical environmentalist, or anything like that, but I do think we owe it to ourselves, our children, and most of all God the creater to have only as much impact on the invironment as is reasonable. Enjoy it, use it, take advantage of it to better our lives, but also respect it and take care of it.

There are other reasons to simplify life, also. Less stress, less mental overload, needing less space, better health. Needing less stuff would free up financial resources to be able to afford nicer better quality stuff, wich would then last much longer, meaning less financial outlay for stuff over time. This would allow for more investing, recreation (read time with the family) and more giving.

I have now doubt that this philosiphy would spread to all areas of ones lifestyle and value system. It sounds refreshing. I will give this alot of thought.

Simple Subjects is not a conservative nor political weblog, but I do get the feeling that he leans a tad to the left. That's OK though, because balance is what it's all about.


Andy said...

conservation and conservative used to be synonymous. I'm not really sure what happened.

Jared Jones said...

Thanks for the link! You've got me pegged; my background is definitely conservative, and I'm the black sheep leaning left (though all my left-wing friends and coworkers consider me the conservative oddball). That's politics, though, and much as I enjoy dabbling in it, I do believe there are more urgent matters for humans to attend to.

I think you've nailed the essence of Christian simplicity: take some extra thought and time, perhaps even sacrifice and effort, to evaluate the values of our culture in the light of Christ and adjust one's own lifestyle accordingly. The benefits are universal, beginning with a clearer sense of what God has put one here to do, and radiating into more appropriate and fulfilling uses of one's time and all other resources. If only everyone would take the time to reflect, then to act on that reflection.

Of course, as I'm finding with this blogging thing itself, simplicity and reflection can become obsessive and unhealthy in their own ways.

Peace to you and yours.