Monday, November 15, 2004

Now Our State College Teams Are Behaving Like Our Jail Blazers

It seems that every time there is fight involving a black person and a white person it is labeled a "hate crime," thus elevating it from a simple misdemeanor to a felony. How Is This NOT A Hate Crime!
Beavers suspend four indefinitely
Press release from Oregon State University athletics.

Corvallis, OR - Oregon State University head football coach Mike Riley has suspended Joe Rudulph, Anthony Wheat-Brown, Whitfield Usher and Ryan Rainwater from the team indefinitely for violating team policy, he announced Monday.

Rudulph, a redshirt-freshman from Sacramento, has played nine games as a backup defensive end. He has made nine tackles for the season, including a quarterback sack. Rudulph did not play last Saturday at Stanford while serving a game suspension.

Wheat-Brown is a redshirt-freshman receiver from Compton, Calif. He has started eight games and is third on the team for receptions with 33.

Usher and Rainwater, also redshirt-freshmen, have not played this season. Usher is from Los Angeles and Rainwater is from Olympia, Wash.

The suspensions are reportedly in connection with an assault by Rudulph, 19, a red shirt freshman defensive end from Sacramento.

According to the Medford Mail Tribune, Rudulph was arrested early Friday morning in connection with a confrontation at the Headline Cafe in downtown Corvallis with a National Guardsman on leave from Iraq, police said.

Staff Sgt. Gabriel Sapp was dancing with his wife at the restaurant when they were approached by a group of black men, identified as Oregon State football players. The men began making comments to Sapp's wife, who is also black, about her relationship with her husband, who is white, according to Corvallis police Capt. Jon Sassman.

A spokesman for OSU said the university's investigation of the students could take weeks or months.

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OOOoooohhh, I get it, THE ASSAULTER IS BLACK! Well it all makes sense now.


Ron Sulllivan said...

GREAT NEWS!!! I've looked at other Oregon blogs to see if anyone eles was writing on this issue and found none.
Where is the Feds with 'Hate Crime' charges?
These guys are thugs and should be in jail. The people of Corvallis should be ashamed of themselve for not being up in arms over the lack of fellony hate crime charges.
At the very least OSU should kick these 'THUGS' out and send them back to the gettos they came from with the attudes they brought with them. These thugs came to Oregon with the chance of a life time. The student body of OSU and their parents should be up in arms knowing that the school is allowing this kind of element to roam the hallways.
These guys are old enough to know right from wrong. Maybe they even know the benifits of Left from Right!

Richpoo said...

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