Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Ron Wyden Again?

I have voted for Ron Wyden ever since he got elected. I did not vote for his initial election, but I realized that for all of his liberal ideas, he actually does a good job representing the needs of Oregonians. Also, I refuse to vote for a Republican candidate, especially for national office, just because they are Republican. The Oregon Republican party has done a horrible job of attracting qualified candidates to run against Senator Wyden, and until they do, they will never have two senators representing Oregon.

So, maybe, King? GOP field for U.S. Senate is short on experience
"Is it too much to ask that the Oregon Republican Party field candidates for an office as important as U.S. Senate who have some legislative experience? Shouldn't there be someone who shows signs of being qualified to represent Oregonians in Washington, D.C.?"