Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Liquor In grocery Stores?

Our fearless leaders in Salem are at it again. They regulate and try to eliminate anything they don't like (smoking, gambling, drinking, SUV's, recreational use of public lands--or private lands for that matter), yet, when a choice has to made between cutting spending or raising more revenue - read taxes- the first place they look is to the people who do the things they don't like. Both sides do it and it's hypicritical, and shows a total lack of courage and leadership. If you NEED more money, sell it to the voters and convince them to vote for more taxes. More taxes for everyone in a fair way. Ooooohhhhh that's right, THE VOTERS KEEP SAYING NO!

Grocery Lists May Soon Have Liquor
"SALEM - The state is planning to set up liquor stores inside as many as a half-dozen Oregon grocery stores - one of which could be in Eugene - as a way to boost revenues and make it easier for consumers to buy booze."