Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Liquor In grocery Stores?

Our fearless leaders in Salem are at it again. They regulate and try to eliminate anything they don't like (smoking, gambling, drinking, SUV's, recreational use of public lands--or private lands for that matter), yet, when a choice has to made between cutting spending or raising more revenue - read taxes- the first place they look is to the people who do the things they don't like. Both sides do it and it's hypicritical, and shows a total lack of courage and leadership. If you NEED more money, sell it to the voters and convince them to vote for more taxes. More taxes for everyone in a fair way. Ooooohhhhh that's right, THE VOTERS KEEP SAYING NO!

Grocery Lists May Soon Have Liquor
"SALEM - The state is planning to set up liquor stores inside as many as a half-dozen Oregon grocery stores - one of which could be in Eugene - as a way to boost revenues and make it easier for consumers to buy booze."

Ron Wyden Again?

I have voted for Ron Wyden ever since he got elected. I did not vote for his initial election, but I realized that for all of his liberal ideas, he actually does a good job representing the needs of Oregonians. Also, I refuse to vote for a Republican candidate, especially for national office, just because they are Republican. The Oregon Republican party has done a horrible job of attracting qualified candidates to run against Senator Wyden, and until they do, they will never have two senators representing Oregon.

So, maybe, King? GOP field for U.S. Senate is short on experience
"Is it too much to ask that the Oregon Republican Party field candidates for an office as important as U.S. Senate who have some legislative experience? Shouldn't there be someone who shows signs of being qualified to represent Oregonians in Washington, D.C.?"

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

NFL Draft Results

I almost Forgot, NFL draft results for players from Oregon schools.
First Round
  • Steven Jackson - RB, OSU - St. Louis Rams
Second Round
  • Igor Olshansky - DT, U of O - San Diego Chargers
  • Junior Siavii - DT, U of O - Kansas City Chiefs
  • Dwan Edwards - DT, OSU - Baltimore Ravens
Fourth Round
  • Samie Parker - WR, U of O - Kansas City Chiefs
  • Tim Euhus - TE , OSU - Buffalo Bills
  • Richard Seigler - LB , OSU - San Francisco 49ers
Sixth Round
  • Keith Lewis - DB, U of O - San Francisco 49ers
Congradulations and good luck to all.

I like this policy by the Governor

"The marketing effort, which begins today, is the first in-state component of Gov. Ted Kulongoski?’s Brand Oregon campaign. From billboards and radio advertising to store displays and recipe contests, the marketing push will attempt to sell wild-caught seafood to Oregonians."

Maybe this will be the first step in getting Oregon's businesses back to the top of the priority list of the state's policy makers. Could we make the next step to have state & local governments "buy Oregon first" when it comes to construction, building, infrastructure, & technology purchases and contracts. This would help the economy and the jobs situation immensely.
Read the Statesman Journal article.

John Kerry commits "Hari Kerry"

Joe Gandelman wrote a good post in his weblog The Moderate Voice about John Kerry's flip flopping performance on "Good Morning America" this morning.

....His constant mention of questions about George Bush's military service hurt his argument because it blatantly tried to veer off the questions at hand. Kerry is not alone in using this obnoxious - must - stay - on - message - verbal - Fuller - brush - man - mouth - in - the - door tactic......

I wonder if, by the time the Dem's convention rolls around, they are really going to wish that they didn't have a real primary race, rather than just anoint a nominee. This is why we have a primary race, so that the candidates go at each other a little bit and bring out any major flaws before it's to late. John Kerry doesn't know what he's in for. George Bush is a "no holds barred" campaigner. Having lived here in Texas, I have seen first-hand the type of elections that GW cut his teeth on, and Kerry doesn'tt appear to me to be the type of canidate that will hold up in that style of campaign.
Read Joe gentleman,s complete article Here.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Oregon Regulators Shut Down Canadian Medicine Pipeline

Oregon is greedy. I really believe that the main reason the state doesn't want canadian drugs coming in is that they have no way of making money off of it. The article mentions other cities & states actually use canadian medicine to help control the cost of thier tax-payer funded health care plans. Isn't the Oregon Health Plan bankrupting the state? Rather than shut it down, why can't they embrace it and take advantage of it?

In the Northwest: Bushies' ad buy hints at state's value in campaign

If it may be possible for Washington to swing Republican, is it possible that Oregon could too. Probably not this year, maybe 2008?
Patriot Act may see revisions
Here is some good news. I don't care if it is a Bush law or not, the Patriot Act, as good and necesary it is, is a huge suspension of our rights as we have always known them.
This is the plan that Portland should have gone with.
"Light rail Lite: As MAX service opens on the city's doorstep, Vancouver considers other transportation options, including 'bus rapid transit"

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Owners Want to Eliminate Limits on Dogs
Are you kidding me? Oregon is creating such a restrictive atmosphere to live in. What business is it of mine or my government's how many dogs my neighbor has. There are laws to cover just about any concievable negative result arising from someone having two many dogs, so just let it be.
Judge Races Nonpartisan?
I noticed an article in The Oregonian called Three Appellate Judges Challenged this morning. The article mentioned that Oregon Judge races are nonpartisan. I want to know why. Here in Texas, elections for all levels of bench positions are far from nonpartisan. While incumbent justices must refrain from discussing specific rulings that they participated in, they go out of their way to talk about their views on topics such as abortion, gun control, capitol punishment, and tough sentencing. They also love to talk about their opponent's rulings and prior history. My question is that, since it really is impossible for someone to have gotten to the point in their career that they could actually be a good judge while avoiding partisanship, why do we allow their elections to be so nonspecific and nonconfrontational?
Michigan Preparing To Let Doctors Refuse To Treat Gays
An interesting bit of news in Humble Opinion that I have not seen in any major media. I wonder what the response would be if this set of laws were passed in Oregon.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

SAIF Lobbying Costs to Get Look
"Oregon’s government ethics commission voted unanimously Friday to investigate charges that state-owned SAIF Corp. underreported the money it spends to lobby the Legislature."

Yet another reason that the state (or any leval of government) should not be opperating bussinesses that could be performed better in the private sector.

Friday, April 23, 2004

It looks like an Oregon judge finally got something at least partially right. Oregonians would be dismayed to hear how alot of Texans view and talk about Oregon. I've got to admit that most of the headlines we see here regarding Oregon make it seem like a very wierd to live.

Oregon Judge Orders Halt to Gay Weddings
(AP) - "A judge has told Multnomah County to stop issuing gay marriage licenses ? but also ordered the state to recognize the 3,000 licenses already granted in the county. The decision Tuesday by Multnomah County Circuit Judge Frank Bearden marked the first time in the nation that a judge has recognized gay marriage. An immediate appeal was expected. On Tuesday, Katharine Sprecher and Nitzye Gonzalez sobbed in the corner of the county clerk's office, wiping each others' tears away."

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Now, here's something you probably wouldn't see in Oregon
Well, the sin tax part maybe.......but all in order to lower the over all tax burden in the state.
A Texas Bid to Shift School Finances to 'Sin Taxes'

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Goin' Home!
Our job here is finished, and we are moving back to Oregon, so I will be a Conservative OREGONIAN again, not a conservative temporary Texan. My wife's father has dicided to sell his house and move in with one of his sons. I don't understand this, as it will only lead to the exact same circumstances that caused him to ask us to take care of him in the first place.

Also, some difficult circumstances have come up with my daughters, and I need to go back and be with them and try to help provide some stability in thier lives.

I'm going to register for some classes at PCC. Hopefully this will allow me to get a transfer at UPS so I don't have to quit and start all over AGAIN. I'm almost thirty-five, and I have come to the conclusion that it is time to stop wandering through life, and finally DO something. I have dug a very deep hole for myself, and its time to stop digging.