Monday, July 28, 2003

We're Not In Kansas...errr... Oregon Anymore

Wow! Texas really is a whole other nation. There are so many things that I like about Texas compared to Oregon, and so many things that I don't.

Things I Like
  • The freeway system, while not as attractive, is much more functional.
  • You can smoke in most resturaunts and bars.
  • Food is less expensive.
  • Lots of American flags (and almost as many Texas flags)
  • Conservatives are proud.
  • Gas is less expensive.
  • 50% of the vehicles on the roads a Pick-ups or SUV's.
  • Guys wear jeans & boots.
  • Ladies look and dress like females.
  • Real Estate is less expensive.
  • Lots of BBQ. Almost everyone bar-b-ques at least once a week. Real charcoal bar-b-ques too, not gas grills. Always smells good.
  • To Quote Alan Jackson, "lot's of front porch sittin' " (lots of tailgait sittin' also)
  • ALOT of self-employment.
  • Many christians. You don't get strange looks when you mention going to church.
  • Country Music. Portland doesn't have any real country stations.
  • Blues clubs, real blues clubs. Yes, Portland has some clubs that book blues, but there are alot of them here.
There are many more things that I will try to list later. I will also try to create a list of things I like about Oregon, or at least don't like about Texas to add here.