Thursday, May 29, 2003

Well, it's official, My wife, stepson and myself are moving to Houston Texas. We hope it is only temporary, but her 85 year old father needs someone to live with and care for him, and it is something that she really feels she needs to do. This may give us an opportunity to take care of some of our financial issues, as the cost of living is considerably lower, and no income tax!

This turns out to be a strange thing, as my Dad has just recently retired and moved back here (from Michigan) to Oregon, And I've been enjoying developing a relationship with him. I was also going to go to school (PCC) this fall, since UPS will pay a large portion of the cost. Now I will have to quit, as UPS does not allow out of state transfers for inside employees (loaders & unaltered). I also have three daughters between 8 & 13 Yrs old that live with their mother. I am concerned with their well being.

I'm looking forward to seeing how a largely conservative state varies in atmosphere from a liberal state like Oregon. I've spent time visiting Texas, but living there will be another thing all together.

I was just getting this (bloc) thing going, and only beginning to figure out what I want to do with it, but now I doubt that I will be able to put much time into it, since I won't be able to follow Oregon Politics as much anymore. Maybe I will post occasionally with observations about the contrast between the two locales, and their political differences.