Monday, January 20, 2003

Miles Of Roads Needing Repairs Growing
This is so typicle of The Oregonian -- state part of the problem to make a point, but no solution.

"The Portland Office of Transportation faces a record backlog of streets needing maintenance -- and no new ways to solve the problem.
The backlog, which both transportation director Brant Williams and Commissioner Jim Francesconi call "unacceptable," is 528 miles. The city had hoped the backlog would not exceed 250 miles of roadway.
The pothole and rut problems will only get worse, according to the financial report issued by the Office of Transportation. Without a budget increase, the list of streets overdue for repairs is expected to grow to 980 miles of roads -- more than a quarter of the 3,880 miles maintained by the city -- in 10 years."

What they are failing to say is that ODOT has added 5000 employees and doubled it's budget in the last 10 years, and statewide, it has not built a single new mile of road, and have let many of our old ones deteriorate.

Metro group takes on traffic knot
A Metro task force wants to use bonds and a $15 regional vehicle registration fee to come up with $521 million for new freeways and transit projects.

Auto club wants gas tax increase to fix state’s bridges
AAA promotes the plan as an alternative to raising the vehicle registration fee. After leading the effort to crush a nickel-per-gallon gasoline tax increase in 2000, AAA now is promoting a 3-cent-per-gallon tax raise in the 2003 Legislature.

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