Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Kulongoski Unveils Budget
Governor Ted Kulongoski has shown an incredible amount of courage by proposing the budget that he did. After reading thru the story I was struck with a couple of questions.

First, were is the outrage? If the house republicans had proposed this budget, unions and the Oregonian would be up in arms in protest.

Second, will the republican leadership roll over and give him what he wants, let him walk away with all the credit, and then never have the courage to stand up to him again.

Make no mistake. I support the budget. But keep in mind that he will have to repay the public employees unions for their election support, and now their silence on this budget. If the Republican Party doesn't grow a backbone, he will later get those paybacks and more, probably in the next biennium just in time for the next election.

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