Wednesday, January 15, 2003

About A Conservative Oregonian

Oregon Conservative News (OCN) is my little soap box. I make no representation about being a journalist or skilled author. I will rail against whatever I find to be rediculous. I will praise whatever and whoever I agree with.

It is my hope that OCN will, by & large, be a positive & uplifting publication. While I will be criticle of liberal ideals and policies, conservatism is a positive and optimistic way of approaching the issues and problems of today.

I welcome articles & essays from others, but will reserve the right to not publish them for any reason. I will not accept money for anything that is published. I may, however, accept advertising (dare I dream), but not with any conditions attatched.


Gary Carpenter | 35 yrs old | life long Oregonian | Tigard | Married | 3 daughters | 1 stepson | email:
I am an average Oregonian.

I am a conservative. Not radicle or extreme, not "protect the rich and punish the poor", but conservative. I believe that the government should only do what is mandated to do by the constitution, nothing more. I see the constitution as a document that was sapposed to tell the GOVERNMENT what it, not "we the people" could and could not do.

I don't make a lot of money. I am divorced with three beautiful girls, and recently remarried with a great teenage stepson. I work part-time at UPS, and also play drums in a blues band on weekends and on some week nights.

I am a Christian. I love God and all he has done in my life. My relationship with Christ affects everything I do and believe in . It does NOT, however, cause me to think that my beliefs and lifestyle should be forced upon you, or in any way curtail your freedom to live your life as you choose.

I am a conservationist. I wouldn't say that I agree with most environmental groups, but I do think that we have a responsibility to preserve and protect this amazing creation that we live in. I believe that there can be a balance between industry, progress, jobs, recreation, and sustaining the liveability of our environment. I also think that most conservatives have been woefully negligant when it comes to environmental issues, giving liberals the opening to enact the radicle environmental legislation that we suffer from today.

I vote. I do not vote a straight ticket (I am registered Republican). I reluctantly voted for gov. Kitzhauber for re-election because I didn't feel that the Replican party put up a candidate that would provide any kind of leadership. I also voted for senator Wyden for much the same reason.

  • I am tired of hype & spin.
  • I'm tired of liberal bleeding hearts.
  • I'm tired of republicans protecting big business at all cost.
  • I'm tired of being told what I want to buy, and that if I don't have the latest and greatest, I'm not attractive or successful.
  • I'm tired of being told why I shouldn't vote for a candidate's opponent, and never hearing why I should vote for the candidate.
  • I'm tired of hearing celebrities worth tens of millions of dollers tell me how my government should raise my taxes to help people who don't even pay taxes.
  • I'm tired of uneducated voters. I believe the old addage "we get the leadership that we deserve."
  • Revisionist history.
  • I'm tired of "christion white nations" thinking that all nations should be like theirs. This belief has led to some of the biggest attrocities in world history (ie: the "great crusades", the neer extinction of Native Americans and the complete pillaging of African nations.)